Tiger Punch



Hey everyone!!! We are proud to present you the video-clip for the song TIGER PUNCH from our new album THE SKULL COLLECTORS!

Many band’s fans from our hometown, recruited through our Web site and forum’s participation, have shown up on the shooting location and did a great job under the Direction of Luis Mario Jobim, Marcel Kunzler and Fabio Canale. It was great to watch the persistence and dedication from them, in a very cold day and during long hours, to achieve a very convincing acting. We had a great time together and we are posting in our Web site some pics we’ve took on that day.

The video also presents Mario Ilha as young Tiger Punch, Ticiana Bernardon and Luana Forte as the mercenary girls.

Young Tiger Punch gets to know, for the first time on his transition from an air force pilot to a mercenary life, how it feels to be a prey instead of a hunter. The video portraits him in a Bunker used during air strikes, but they happened so often that people got used to hang out inside it. Later on the bunker would become Tiger´s home, and its walls, the mirror of the remembrances that dominated him across the other songs of the album.

We would like to deeply thank all the actors and fans who worked very hard running and banging all day (and night) long, the Directors and all the crew at Velha Arvore Filmes that made this production come true!

@ 2022 - HIBRIA